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Customer’s payment experience

YenePay allows customers to make payments or send money online easily. The below steps show a customer’s experience when making payments through YenePay.

  1. A customer initiates the payment process by clicking on the Pay with YenePay button from a website or mobile app.
  2. The customer is then redirected to YenePay’s checkout page and will be prompted to log in or register. If the user had already logged into YenePay’s site, he or she will be taken to the order summary page, where payment method alternatives are shown for selection.
  3. After selecting from the presented payment method alternatives, the customer will complete the payment using the preferred payment method. The payment procedures depend on the selected payment method and more can be read on the How To articles. Once the customer has completed the transaction, YenePay will show the buyer a success message and indicates that the payment is being verified.
  4. When the payment is verified, the buyer is notified about the status and an invoice is sent to the buyer’s registered email address.

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