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Quick overview

YenePay is an online payment platform operating in Ethiopia that provides a convenient, easy and secure way for customers to make payments, send/receive money and more, right from their smart phones or laptops. Our platform was developed to facilitate e-commerce businesses to flourish in our country by handling the payment processing headache for businesses, while providing an easily accessible payment method for their customers.

This section provides an overview of a typical process to add YenePay as an online payment option on your site or mobile app and start collecting payment from your customers.

If you have a website or mobile app that you use to make your products or services available to your customers, the first step would be to integrate this with our payment platform. Depending on the technology used to develop your website or application, we have prepared SDKs and plugins that could fit your need. Please see our Integration Guide articles for details on how to do this.

Once the integration is completed, the YenePay payment method will be available on your website or application for your customers to choose. To learn more about your customers’ experience during making a payment, please check our Customer’s Payment Experience article.

  1. Your customer visits your site or mobile app, selects products and services to purchase and picks YenePay as a payment method. This initiates a payment order on your site or app.
  2. Your site or app, with the help of our SDKs, plugins or API, will generate a payment order and redirects your customer to our secure checkout page or mobile app along with the generated payment order.
  3. Your customer will select a preferred mobile wallet or banking service provider to complete the payment and YenePay will forward the payment order information to the customer’s selected banking or wallet service provider.
  4. The selected bank will request the customer to authorize the initiated payment via a PIN code or a One-Time Password.
  5. The customer sends a PIN code or One-Time Password to the bank and authorizes the payment.
  6. The bank completes the payment process and sends a confirmation message back to YenePay.
  7. YenePay sends a payment success notifications to the merchant via Email and sends an Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to the merchant’s site or app.
  8. YenePay sends a payment success message to the customer via SMS, Email and Push notification (for customers using our app).

After your customer completes a payment through YenePay, our platform will send an Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to your website or application if you have provided a IPN URL along with the payment order when redirecting your customer to make the payment. If you didn’t, we will check your settings for IPN URL and use that to send you this notification. We strongly recommend having an IPN URL on your site to get a timely notification when a payment has been successfully made and verified by your customer. You should also verify that this instant payment notification is authentic by querying our IPN verification API. You should only mark a transaction complete on your site when you receive a verification from this API call.

We have prepared plugins and SDKs available for multiple platform to help developers with the integration process. The above steps are further discussed in detail on our Integration Guide articles.

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