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How to pay online

When you are shopping online, visiting your service provider’s site or performing other activities that require payment, the last step of the process is making the necessary payment. If the site you are visiting supports online payments through YenePay, you will be redirected to our site to complete the payment when selecting this payment method. This article explains the steps you will go through to successfully complete the payment process.

 Confirm and Select Payment Method

The first screen you will see when you are redirected to YenePay’s Checkout page is the order summary and payment method selection page. This screen will show you details about the payment order which was created on your seller’s site that redirected you to our application and a list of available payment methods to complete the payment with.  Image here

Complete a payment with the selected method

You can find the detailed procedures of the supported payment methods on these articles:

How to pay with CBE-Birr

How to pay with HelloCash

How to pay with Dashen Amole

How to pay with YenePay Balance

After completing the payment with one of the methods explained on the links above, you will be taken to the payment completed page. We will send you a notification message and an email as well as a printable receipt with confirmation of the payment you made. Image here

If the site you were redirected from has provided a return address, you will be presented with an option to go to that address. If that is not the case, you will have the option to go to the Transaction Details page of the Account Manager and view the details of the last transaction you made.

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