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Using the Generate Payment Link option on YenePay

This is the easiest and quickest way to accept a payment through YenePay. By generating a payment link from your YenePay account manager page, you will be able to share it to your customers via SMS, social media, viber or put the link on your website and allow your customers to pay you online. In order to be able to generate a payment link, you will need to register with YenePay and activate your merchant account. You can find more detail on how to register as a merchant on the How to register on YenePay article.

To generate a payment link, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your YenePay account manager page www.yenepay.com/account and log in.
  2. Click the user avatar on the top-right corner of the screen. Then, select the YenePay Integration menu item from the opened menu list to go the payment link generation page.
  3. The payment link generator page requests for these details about the payment order you are about to create:
    • Item Name: a descriptive name of the item you are requesting payment for or selling
    • Item Id: a unique identifier for the item; this field is optional
    • Price: the unit price of the item in Ethiopian Birr currency
    • Quantity
    • If you have Success URL and IPN URL, you can specify these by clicking the Advanced button. You can read about Success URL and IPN URL on the Terminologies section. Image here
  4. Once you’ve filled out the details select a link type from the Link Options dropdown. You have multiple options to choose from, which gives you different button formatting.

Note: You can convert your generated link to a QR code so that your customers can easily initiate a payment just by scanning it from their phone. To do this, select Short URL from the Link Options dropdown, generate the link and click the Generate QR code button at the bottom of the area with the generated short url. Image here After generating the payment link or QR Code, share it with your customers via any media, and they will be able to complete the payment online.

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