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How to do test transactions on sandbox environment

To see what the YenePay checkout process looks like, you can initiate a test transaction right from the sandbox page. Follow the steps below to do a test transaction:

  1. Go to https://sandbox.yenepay.com and login with your YenePay account.
  2. From your sandbox home page, select one of the Merchant sandbox user accounts you generated and you will be taken to the account details page. If you don’t have any sandbox user generated, have a look at this article on how to do that.
  3. On the account details page, you will find a Test Simple Checkout section. Enter an Item Name, Unit Price and Quantity of your test checkout and click Pay with YenePay. You will be redirected to the test checkout page and requested to login.
  4. Use the username and password of one of the other sandbox user accounts you generated and login.
  5. Once on the test checkout page, select Balance payment method to complete your test transaction.
    I’m seeing this screen after I log in.

    If you’re seeing the above screen, this means the sandbox user accounts you used to initiate the test transaction and the sandbox account you used to log into the test checkout page are the same. In this case, log out from the checkout page and initiate a new transaction as indicated in step 3.

    This time make sure you log in using another sandbox user account.
  6. Click the Continue button to complete the transaction and you will be taken to the payment completed page.

I don’t have enough balance on my sandbox account to complete a payment

If you don’t have enough balance to complete the initiated account, generate a new sandbox user account and make sure you set enough balance amount for that account. Then login with this account and complete a test payment.

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